Roller Repair Services

Menges Offers Comprehensive Repair Services for Every Type of Roller

Repairing industrial rollers is a critical service that is performed regularly at Menges Roller. High-performance rollers must be kept in top condition to perform in a converting or steel processing plant, so this roller is being worked on by a Menges Technician.

Repairing A Roller

No roller is too big and no repair is too complex for us. With seasoned fabrication, repair veterans, and high-tech techniques, Menges is the ultimate roller repair company.

At Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois industrial rollers repairs are completed on time and on budget because we specialize in optimizing the performance of coil converting plants, plastic extruding operations, and nonwovens applications.

Before: In Need of Repair

Before: This contact roll is in desperate need of our roller repair services. It needs a new journal and a new rollcover with herringbone grooves.

After repairing contact rollers and appling new rubber covers, Menges Roller offers guarantees to total satisfaction, complete with a money-back warrantee.

After: Repaired, Recovered & Grooved

After: This repair is ready to roll, with a new journal and a new cover. It is complete with deep radius-cut herringbone grooves.


To Get Your Project Started, Upload Your Specs, Get your Project Quoted, Ask Us A Question! 

We Can Help You Decide What Kind Of Repairs Would Benefit Your Rollers With Our Dynamic Roller Repair Services. 


  • Journal installations use special shrink-fit & MIG welded methods, so journals are fully integrated in the roller core
  • We never simply weld a new journal to the endplate - our repairs are designed to withstand tremendous pressures
  • Menges fabricates new journals using precision CNC machine control technology, so bearings & collars fit perfectly
  • Keyways, splines and steps are machined to meet your exact specifications (within a thousandth of an inch)
  • For heavier rollers (one of our specialties), we support double-endplate & triple-endplate configurations
Industrial rollers requiring extensive repairs, such as this roller, can be serviced at the Menges Roller facility and receive new journals and new bearing surface finishing.

Need New Journals

Before: Keyways and bearing surfaces are badly worn. New journals and rollcovers are required. This customer chose Menges because our repairs stand up to their harsh environment..

After being repaired at Menges Roller Company, industrial rollers look like this picture, with new urethane roller covers and repaired shafts and new bearings.

After: Fully Functional

After: We installed new journals on both rollers, rebalanced, then covered in an ultra-durable urethane. They’re ready to perform in a very demanding mineral processing application.

With an ability to repair paper industry couch rollers, Menges Roller Company, will fabricate new journal shafts, sometimes called gudgeon, and balance the roller to reduce vibration, then apply a groove on the rubber surface.

Paper Industry Roll, Broken Journal

Before: Cracked journals are common, especially for ‘veteran’ rollers. While your roll is here, we'll inspect it for defects & notify you of any required roller repairs.

Because all industrial rollers eventually require some level of maintenance or repair, as this roller does, Menges Roller is available for emergency repairs and the prioritized application of new rubber coverings.

Journal with Nitrogen for Shrink Fitting

After: Our technicians know every trick in the book for repairing rollers. Nitrogen was used in this case to freeze & shrink the journal on this critical journal replacement.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click our Request A Quote button and get started on our industry-leading roller repair services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.

Old Bolt On Journal

For industrial rollers with bolt-on journals, these gudgeons and endplates can be repaired or replaced at the Menges Roller facility in northern Illinois, which also offers silicone and urethane roller covers.

Before: Bold On Journal

This roller originally had a bolt-on endplate and journal. The plant manager was not happy with this and requested our roller repair services.

Improved One-Piece Design

This shows an improved design for an industrial roller developed at Menges Roller Company, which used Finite Element Analysis and 3-D CAD programs to engineer these components.

After: Integrated Journal

Re-using the existing core saved money, and the new journal setup is working quite well. Few roller companies have the ability to accomplish roller repairs of this nature.

We fabricated a contiguous endplate-journal that is much less prone to runout and flex.
The new assembly was then integrated into the existing roller core using special techniques.


Chill Rollers with extensive internal cavity degradation require rebuilding - see our Chill Roll Rebuilding page

Rusty Inner Shell

When a double-shell roller becomes worn or clogged, and you have thermal transfer reduction, you need to call Menges Roller Commpany, as this customer did, to refurbish the interior chamber and machine new wrapping.

If your chill roll has a low flowrate, the inner shell may look like this.

Refurbish Inner Shell

Here is a picture of the interior chamber, the inside shell, of a liquid-filled roller being serviced and refurbished at the Menges Roller Company headquarters in Wauconda, Illinois, near Chicago.

Menges Roller can rebuild the inner shell & spiral baffle wrap.

Like-New Chill Roll!

After being completely refurbished at Menges Roller Company, as this image indicates, a chill roll (sometimes called a hot roll or heat transfer) will have a new chrome surface, installation of a new outer tube, and repaired roller shafts.

Combined with any other fixes & new chrome, the roll is completely rebuilt.


Menges offers several finishing options for "roller refurbishing projects" - check our Finishes page for more.

Worn Chrome

We see an industrial chill roller requiring a new chrome surface, so the cast film plant manager has contracted Menges Roller Company to resurface this roller via a cylindrical grinding and plating process.

Worn chrome on chill roll.

Grinding Old Chrome

During the cylindrical grinding process, also called OD grinding, the industrial roller core is precisely modified, which includes removal of old chrome, a surface finish modification process.

Precision grinding removes old chrome.

New Chrome

As the new chrome is applied to the chill roller at the Menges Roller Facility in Wauconda Illinois, the chrome is polished to a mirror finish, with a low Ra value, sometimes called optical-mirror or super-finish.

New chrome plate & mirror polish.


Menges offers a complete range of secondary services to enhance the performance of our roller cores.


  • We'll Rebuild Your Chill Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll

Acid washing, provided by Menges Roller Company, is an important maintenance service for liquid filled rollers used for heating or cooling of plastic film, steel, paper, foil or nonwovens products.

  • Important Maintenance Service
  • Restores Flow Rates

When converters seek new chrome plate for chill rollers, they often call Menges Roller Company, simply because, as seen here, chrome and nickle surface finishing is completed with quality and precision, with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Mirror Chrome, Nickel & More

For manufacturing plants working in the plastic film or paper industry, applying new rubber or urethane roller covers to their industrial rollers is an important, and Menges Roller is happy to provide this service to all customers requiring it.

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We'll Give Them New Life

As part of their complete list of service offerings for industrial and chill rollers, Menges Roller provides precision OD grinding, which can be used to ensure concentricity and remove scratches.

  • Very Smooth Surfaces Possible
  • Precision Outside Diameters

Balancing of industrial rollers, including rubber and chill varieties, is an important service provided by the technicians at Menges Roller Company, and for more details on this important service, users may look at this webpage.

  • Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • For Smooth-Running Rollers


At Menges Roller, we make repairs painless for all types of rollers. We offer emergency & rush repairs, or repairs can be combined with standard recover services.

We want to help you run faster, waste less & produce better products - and you can't do that with broken rollers. To get a quotes on our roller repair services call us at  847-487-8877 or click the button today!

Menges Roller Company has a comprehensive in-house machine shop & roller repair facility - which includes journal and component manufacturing. We can repair or replace any aspect of the roller.

While your roll is here for recovering, have the journals repaired. If your chill roll needs new chrome, combine that with a flow-enhancing acid flushing service.

Plant managers rely on Menges Roller for rock-solid repairs, quick turnaround times, and precision work. We reduce your downtime by offering a full range of services - repairs, recovers, new chrome - all under one roof.

Speak to a Menges Engineer for more information or to get started on any of our roller repair services.


  • Complete Journal Repair & Replacement
  • Size Modification of Cores & Journals
  • Bearing Race Resurfacing
  • Rebuilding the Roller for a Different Application
  • Chrome Removal & Application of New Chrome
  • Cylindrical Grinding to 'True-Up' Warped Rollers
  • Complete Chill Roller Rebuilding
  • Repairing Rollers to Original Equipment Tolerances
  • Emergency & Priority Services Available
  • Having All Your Roller Repair & Recover Work Completed by One Vendor - On one P.O. - Saves Your Plant Time and Money