Roller Grooving Services

Grooving & Serrating of Rubber Rollers, Aluminum Rollers & More


Roller groove machining is a service provided by Menges Roller Company, offering many options for patterns and serration shapes for all rubber rollers and aluminum rollers requiring slitting.

Diamond Grooves

At Menges Roller Company, parallel grooves and rubber rollers with segments are available to all customers, offering custom-designed and manufactured solutions.

Spiral Flute End-to-End

Menges Roller Company can make grooves on silicone covered and other ozone resistant industrial rollers used for web converting and film casting operations.

Circumferential Segmenting

Herringbone is one of the most popular groove options machined on rubber rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company because this format offers outstanding contact and infeed properties for wood laminating applications.

Herringbone (Chevron) Groove

Many types of urethane rollers benefit from grooving services, sometimes called flutes, offered by Menges Roller Company, as seen on this webpage.

Horizontal Grooves

Menges offers silicone rollers with spiral grooves, sometimes called serrations, on web spreader and wrinkle removing roller formats, commonly used for paper, film and packaging applications, as this image indicates.

Spiral Serration


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click today and get started on our industry-leading roller grooving services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

Groove machining is provided by Menges Roller Company for industrial rollers made of aluminum, rubber, silicone or urethane, and this image shows two common formats.

Spiral Flute & Circumferential Serration

These deadshaft rollers feature our 'highly-machinable' Menges Tiger Max rollcover compound with spiral flute end-to-end grooves and circumferential serrations.

Because Menges Roller of Wauconda Illinois is a leading manufacturer of contact rollers for the steel industry, deep grooves on rubber and silicone rollers are often sold, which helps coil converters and aluminum sheet coaters improve their processes.

Aggressive Contact Roller

This roller also benefited from our roller grooving services. It is a deep-grooved contact roller, 10 inches in diameter, features a rounded radius cut (as opposed to square cut) on both the groove bottom and land top.

With many film coaters and laminators relying on Menges Roller to make their layon and adhesive application rollers, micro-grooves are a common format provided to these customers, as this image shows.

Shallow Herringbone Grooves

Tightly spaced, shallow grooves are often used on very thin web stock, as with these grooved idler rolls.

Menges Roller customers are offered high-quality industrial roller products at competitive prices throughout North America and Europe, with clients in Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, and France.

CNC Precision Grooving

Menges uses computer-controlled (CNC) groove and crown forming machines, for maximum precision.

Many OEMs, also called original equipment manufacturers, purchase industrial rollers from Menges Roller Company because this company provides top quality, on-time delivery, and a total customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Groove & Recover projects are given special priority to minimize your downtime
  • We can duplicate any existing groove pattern or suggest one that will meet your needs
  • Crowning, balancing, and repair services can be paired with our roller grooving services
  • All groove & serration work is accomplished using computer-controlled CNC machinery
  • Our full range of groove & serration options is available for new rollers and recover projects
Urethane rollers often improve their performance when they have grooves and serrations machined into them by Menges Roller Company engineers, simply because this enhances processing quality and material handling requirements, and this image is a good example of those results.

Wrinkle Removing Spiral Serration

Wrinkle removers (web spreaders) feature deeply-cut spiral serrations that start at either end of the roll and converge in the middle. See our Web Spreader page for more information.

Infeed rollers for wood laminating and plywood manfucturing are supplied by Menges Roller Company, which assessorizes them with deep grooves, herringbone or spiral flutes, and medium durometer jackets, which is a proven formula.

Contact Roller

End-to-end deep spiral flutes are featured on this contact roller, newly manufactured by Menges Roller Company. See our Contact Roller page for more information on this popular format.

Many customers purchase air release rollers from Menges because they offer a unique diamond groove option, combined with elastometric and urethane covers designed by certified engineers and technicians, as with this example.

Diamond Pattern on Tiger Max

With the diamond pattern is popular because it provides multiple channels for air and liquid release.

Menges makes rolls with deadshaft or liveshaft gudgeon configurations, part of their custom fabrication services, which also includes silicone roller modification and service options.

Deadshaft Roller with Diamond Grooves

This is a deadshaft roller. Menges Roller Company can groove deadshaft and liveshaft configurations.


You Can Upload Your Specs, Get your Project Quoted, & Ask Us A Question To Get Your Project Started Today!

Menges manufactures silicone rolls with serrations and circumerential grooves, which improve process results for infeed, passline, snubber, guide, hold-down, tension stand and contact rollers.

Circumferential Serration on Silicone

Circumferential serrations, here on a silicone covered roller, allow for a good amount of roller flex, which is important for rollers handling boardly or uneven stock.

Because Menges Roller makes all types of urethane rolls and rubber varieties for wood processing customers, customers are very satisfied with their many products and services, as this example shows.

Stepped Face Feeder Roll

In some situations, it is preferable to have small contact points with high pressure levels. To stand-up to the increased friction, this pusher roller is covered with Menges Super Tough Coat.

Customers like this, requiring grooving services for large rubber rolls, often look to Menges Roller for outstanding results and very precise results at a reasonable price.

Menges Grooves Large Rollers

Menges Roller is capable of grooving the largest of rollers. This roller is over 28 feet long, and we serrated it end to end with a wrinkle-reducing spiral.

Menges Roller is a leading supplier of rolls to the OEM market, providing new precision-engineered and custom-manufactured rollers to machine makers in North America, Europe and South America.

Large Contact Roll

Even though we utilize some of the most advanced computer-assisted machines in the industry, manual quality inspections for every roller is our protocol.

Menges manufactures new industrial rollers to the OEM market and end-user market, offering replacement and reverse-engineered rolls for many applications, primarily in the plastic film, pulp & paper, steel coil converting, and nonwovens geosynthetic barrier markets.

Aluminum Roller with Serrations

Some metal rollers can be grooved or serrated. We applied a thin-groove diamond pattern to this aluminum roller.

With high-quality service offerings, such as grooving of aluminum rolls, Menges Roller offers one of the most comprehensive lists of texture and finishing options in the converting industry, as this webpage indicates.

Grooves on Aluminum Roller

This aluminum deadshaft roller features a multi-start spiral flute 2 mm deep, machined end-to-end.

Menges roller company manufactures spiral grooved industrial rollers like this one for a high speed paper converting line application process.

Tight Spiral Grooves

This is a precisely-engineered idler, designed to run at high speeds. It has tight thin grooves to help flatten the web.

Grooved aluminum rollers may be purchased from Menges Roller Company for competitive prices and feature top quality, delivered anywhere in the United States, Canada, South America or Europe.

Grooved Aluminum Deadshafts

These deadshaft cores are aluminum, and will soon be assembled with their steel shafts & bearings.


As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services, targeting each aspect of the roll.

In addition to substantial roller groove forming services for rubber rolls, Menges Roller Company offers crown machining with parabolic and reverse-parabolic shapes, also known as concave and convex profiles.

  • Parabolic & Reverse Parabolics
  • To Enhance Material Handling

Rolls used in flexible packaging need to be balanced and optimized, and this is a service provided by Menges Roller as part of their industrial roller manufacturing business.

  • Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • For Smooth-Running Rollers

In an effort to manufacture and sell high-quality industrial rollers, Menges offers silicone, urethane, hypalon, epdm, TPU, high-release, heat-resistant, conductive and non-conductive roller covers and jackets, as this image shows.

  • Dozens of Compounds
  • Many Value-Added Services

Grooving of contact rolls is a service provided by Menges Roller as part of their rubber cover business, which serves the plastic flexible packaging industry, the pulp and paper sector, and steel coil coaters worldwide.

  • For Push & Pull Applications
  • Many Material & Groove Options

Grooves on rubber rolls are provided by Menges Roller Company to enhance web handling and reduce wrinkles, which is important for film converters and flexible packaging customers.

  • Spiral Serrated Rubber Rollers
  • 'Web Spreader' Rollers

Rubber recover services provided by Menges Roller include synthetic elastomers, high-release silicone, abrasion-reistant TPU, nitrile, Teflon®, viton, and neoprene as part of our jacket product list.

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We'll Give Them New Life


Don't under-estimate the significance of your roller's groove format and workmanship. Combined with the rollcover compound and crown profile, grooves are a key performance factor. A Menges Engineer can help in duplicating your current groove format or help you design a new one.

Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote button today and get started on a grooved roller to meet your unique needs.

The proper groove can help you run faster, waste less, and produce better products!

The groove or serration pattern - along with the rollcover compound and crown profile - combine to give your roller its primary performance properties.

From contact rolls with deep herringbone grooves, to spiral serrations on wrinkle removing web spreaders, Menges can finish your roller with the perfect cut. Groove forming is completed using computer-controlled (CNC) machines, for maximum accuracy.

Grooving is usually paired with a new rollcover - in silicone, rubber, urethane, or one of our high-performance synthetic compounds. Services such as crowning, high speed balancing, and neeeded repairs can also be accomplished while your roll is at the Menges Facility.

Speak to a Menges Engineer about our many groove options and performance-enhancing secondary services.