Precision Roller Grinding Services & OD Resurfacing

As a Stand-Alone Grinding Service Or Paired With Chrome Plating


Calendar roller grinding is a service of Menges Roller Company Incorporated, which is located in Wauconda, Illinois, USA, and serves customers worldwide.

Calendar Rolls Before Grinding

Before - Calendar rollers for a paper mill in desperate need of surface refinishing.

Users can see this is a great example of OD grinding on a solid steel leveling calendar roller, and this surface treatment was completed at Menges Roller Company.

Precision Grinding In Process

During - Increments to a thousandth of an inch (.001) are removed.

This is the result of Menges Roller’s surface grinding services for calendar rolls, which provide improved process results with all pitting removed.

Calendar Roll After Grinding

After - An impeccable rollface surface finish and a roller that's ready to roll.

The plant manager for these paper mill calendar rolls could not find a company to grind them – until he called Menges.
Our precision cylindrical roller grinding services ‘trued up’ the concentricity & refreshed the rollface surface.
All pitting has been removed and these heavy-duty rollers are ready to return to service.


  • Rollers can be "trued-up" to renew concentricity (straightenting & leveling rolls, calendar rollers)
  • The "Kiss Grind" option can help to refresh the surface finish, removing pitting & oxidation
  • Cylindrical grinding & polishing are integral steps in chrome re-plating projects
  • Menges can remove increments as small as .001" or set machines for aggressive material removal
As part of Menges Roller’s complete line of industrial roller refurbishing services, we offer old chrome removal and new chrome plate application for all heat transfer chill rollers.

Before Chrome Re-Plating

Before: This chrome will be removed using our cylindrical roller grinding services, then new chrome plate will be applied.

We indicated here the positive results of having Menges Roller apply new chrome to your heated industrial roller, which include options for superfinish and optical mirror chrome.

With New Chrome

After: New chrome has been applied & polished to a mirror gloss. See our Chrome Finishing Services page for more.

Menges Roller is a leading provider of OD grinding services for industrial rollers, primarily chill and heat transfer varieties, generating highly-satisfied customers and outstanding results for film converters and plastic packaging plants.

Before Cylindrical Grinding

Before: This chill roll had badly-chipped chrome. It was brought to Menges with the idea of removing the old chrome & re-plating with a fresh layer of low-Ra chrome.

With cylindrical grinding services from Menges Roller Company, many flattener, straightener, and leveling rollers see improved concentricity and better surface finishes, as in this example.

After Cylindrical Grinding

After: The roller after initial grinding & chrome removal. The customer was actually very satisfied with this grind finish, and opted to re-install the roll without new chrome plate.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click our Request A Quote button and get started on an industry-leading roller finding services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. 

We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.


After manufacturing these rollers for a leveling press, Menges Roller applied a cylindrical OD grinding service to them, generating an exact outside diameter and smooth surface finish.

Leveling Rollers After Grinding

Leveling Rolls: Menges fabricated these leveling rolls for a coil converter, then precision ground to a very exact OD.

This image shows the process of grinding a large industrial chill roll at the Menges Roller facility, which also offers chrome refinishing to many process and idler rollers.

Chill Roll Chrome Project

Chill Rolls: This rather large chill roll is being ground to prep for chrome. Large rollers are a Menges specialty.

Menges Roller Company has the capability to grind solid steel industrial rollers, like this one, which require very exact tolerances.

Solid Steel Roll After Grinding

Solid Rollers: We fabricated this roll from a solid ingot, precision ground to an exact OD, then polished to a low Ra gloss.

With the use of Menges Roller’s outside surface grinding, calendar rollers may be resurfaced, but we may also help flattening, straightening, leveling and press rollers.

Pulp & Paper Rolls

Pulp & Paper: Calendar rolls for the paper industry often require cylindrical grinding. Very few roll companies have this capacity.

Because engineers at Menges Roller Company are educated and knowledgable, they ensure exact dimensions of industrial rollers after grinding, which improves quality and optimizes outcomes.

Diameter Check with Micrometer

A Menges Technician uses a micrometer to check for proper core OD as part of a cylindrical grinding project.

When rollers manufactured by Menges are quality-inspected for low runout and exact OD modification results, which benefits processes involving leveling presses, coil straighteners, and metal coating.

TIR Check

TIR, total indicated runout, is checked with a dial indicator. Our cylindrical grinding reduces runout & enhances concentricity.


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Menges offers a full range of services to go along with cylindrical grinding

Menges Roller offers nickle plating, plasma finishes, flame sprays and tungsten carbide options for all types of industrial rollers, all of which benefits the surface finish and improves outcomes.

  • Chrome Plating & Re-Plating
  • Plus Nickel, Plasma, and More

In addition to precision surface grinding and refinishing, Menges Roller offers chill roll rebuilding, which works in conjunction with our other products, as this image shows.

  • Menges Can Rebuild Your Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll

A variety of roll repair services, offered by Menges Roller, may be purchased at the time of cylindrical grinding or nickle plating, which benefits customers by packaging services into convenient bundles.

  • Comprehensive Repair Services
  • For All Types of Rollers

Menges Roller is a leading manufacturer of new roller cores, as this page will indicate, fabricating new tension stand rolls, bridle rolls, hold-down rolls, and guide/idler rollers, in addition to many other formats.

  • Fabrication of New Cores
  • Custom-Made to Your Specs


Out-of-round rolls can damage your stock & cause poor process results. Our cylindrical roller grinding services from Menges eliminates these headaches. And you can combine cylindrical grinding with chrome plating, acid flushing, or repair services.

So call (847-487-8877) or click the button today and get started on cylindrical grinding project that benefits your plant.

We'll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.

Precision cylindrical grinding is a service very few roller companies offer - but it can be highly beneficial.

We can remove very small increments of material from the rollface.

Our cylindrical roller grinding services will "true-up" warped rollers, reducing runout. Calendar rollers (paper plants) and flattener rollers (coil processing) take tremendous advantage of this wobble-correcting service

Cylindrical grinding is also critical to finishing projects, removing old chrome & preparing surfaces for new chrome. And cylindrical polishing is a crucial final step for rolls resurfaced with plasma coats, nilckle, chrome or matte finishes. We offer a number of 'smoothness' options and Ra values to suit your specific requirments.

Speak with a Menges Roller Engineer about our full range of cylindrical grinding & polishing options.