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Check This Video Explaining Our Heat Transfer Roll Engineering Services, Featuring CFD Thermal Modeling

CFD modeling of heat transfer rollers by menges roll and temperature profiling with CFD software for industrial rollers and chill rolls

Designs Are Modified Until The Perfect Parameters Are Met

Menges Engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to design heat transfer rollers and test temperature ranges. 


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote and get started on an industry-leading roller design engineering services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

Thousands Of Nodes Located Along The Rollface And Inside The Chamber - Each One Gives Us A Temperature Reading

chill rolller in computational fluidon dynamics simulation at menges roller company


  • Used to create very accurate models showing temperatures, flowrates, heat transfer, converting effects, etc.
  • Works across all scientific disciplines: thermal transfer, chemistry, fluid dynamics, mechanical & material sciences

Some Of The Factors That Go Into Designing Your Roller Using Computational Fluid Dynamics:

  • Roller Dimensions & Rollface Surface
  • Internal Cavity Fluid Volume
  • Spiral Baffle Angle
  • Rotary Union Capacities
  • Linespeed & Roll Rotation Rates
  • Properties of Steel Grades Used in Fabrication
  • Thermal Transfer Properties of Chrome Finishes
  • Chemical Properties of Thermal Fluids
  • Flowrates & Pressure Measurements
  • Web & Substrate Properties
  • Adhesive & Coating Chemistry
  • Curing & Dry Times
  • Web Temperatures at Entry / Exit
  • Ambient Humidity & Temperature
Menges Roller usesadvanced engineering, including CFD thermal models, to design heat transfer rollers and chill rolls, as this picture shows, resulting in excellent thermal transfer and laminating results for webs made of film, foil and flexible electronics products.

These 'Real Life’ Models Show How A Roller Will Interact With Films, Adhesives, etc.

Images & data from CFD models show Menges Engineers exactly how the roller will perform in its actual process. 

Due to the use of engineering tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Solid Stress Analysis, as seen in this picture, Menges Roller is able to manufacture thermal rollers with outstanding temperature control and near-zero temperature fluctuation.

Our Goal: The Lowest Possible Temperature Variance

CFD simulations allow engineers to modify key parameters, such as flowrate, and see how different values affect the temperature profile. 

This Is An Exaggerated Image Of An Extra Long Double Shell Chill Roll In A Pressure-Point Test, As Part Of A Larger Deflection & Strength Modeling Exercise

Large industrial rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company, including chill rolls and rubber rollers, often require stress testing, especially if they are long, and this is what this picture illustrates.

Checking Fluid Velocity With CFD

Fluid velocity & pressure fluctuation are but two of the many factors considered when Menges designs your chill roll.

As part of the process of manufacturing chill rollers and heat transfer rollers, Menges Roller Company utilizes advanced technology, including CFD Models, computational fluid dynamics, pressure testing, fluid velocity testing, and CAD models.

Perfect Heat Where You Need It

When you use Menges’ Design Services, you don’t just get the right temperature – you get it exactly where you want it.

In designing heat transfer rollers and chill rollers, Mengse Roller employs analysis of web temperatures, laminate temperatures, adhesive curing times, and thermal models generated from CFD and FEA and CAD engineering programs.

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Finite Element Analysis | Ensuring Your Rollers Are "Rock Solid"

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to test load-bearing capacities & show areas of stress
  • Menges uses FEA to ensure all roller components are heavy enough to perform without breakage
  • Our engineers import your application data, including predicted loads, rotation rates, pressure data, etc. 
Chill rollers manufactured by Mengse Roller offer superior performance because they are designed using thermal models completed via computational fluid dynamics, as seen in this example image, analyzing roller shaft stress.

Strength Testing Large Chill Roll

With large rollers, a Menges specialty, safety & strength are critical. This large chill roll is being stress tested using FEA.

FEA and solid stress analysis is a technology used by Menges Roller engineers to design better-performing industrial rollers, which includes a number of formats, from rubber rollers to chill rolls to leveling rollers.

Examining Rotational Stress

For rollers with a large resistance coefficient, twist force on the journal can be a concern, so we test for endplate & journal stress.

New Nip rollers manufactured by menges roller company are designed to withstand tremendous pressure because, as we see here, these industrial rollers undergo virtual testing using FEA and CFD simulations.

Testing Nip Rollers

Especially with nip rollers, journal force can be tremendous. Our technology helps ensure your reliability & durability.

Menges Roller, a leader in designing and manufacturing all types of industrial rollers, including rubber rollers and heat transfer rollers, uses Finite Element Analysis, as seen here, to check for proper strength and test engineering specifications.

Using FEA To See Stress Points

The roller's 'shoulder' often encounters the highest levels of stress. This is the area where the journal meets the endplate.


As A Leader In Heat Transfer Technology, Menges Offers An Array Of Important Heat Transfer Roll Products & Services

This is a link that shows the many designs of chill rolls and heat transfer rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company, a leader in converting rollers, silicone rollers, urethane rollers and similar products.

  • Hot & Cold Rollers for Any Application
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This is a link to CAD and CFD and FEA design and engineering services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from menges roller

  • Menges Can Rebuild Your Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll

This technical paper is linked to a document detailing heat transfer roller design processes, with specific information on computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and thermal modeling, all of which is completed by engineers at Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois, USA.

  • Technical Details on CFD
  • More on our Award Winning Tech

Cylindrical grinding services for industrial rollers are provided by Menges Roller Company, which has the ability to grind calendar rollers, flattener rolls, and leveling rollers.

  • Part of Chrome Re-Plating Jobs
  • Or to True-Up Out of Round Rolls

Menges Roller provides chrome refinishing and plating services for industrial rollers, including chill rolls and heat transfer rollers, as the company has in-house cylindrical grinding, polishing, and complete repair services.

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Mirror Chrome, Nickel & More

This is a link to a web page that displays acid flushing services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls, all provided by Menges Roller Company, a premium vendor of industrial roller maintenance services.

  • Maintenance Procedure
  • Flushes Away Clogs


Heat transfer and chill rollers play a very important role in many of today’s critical processes. And most applications require the thermal roll to achieve & maintain a very specific temperature. This is why you cannot afford not to use Menges. Our engineers guarantee your roller will perform as planned.

Call (847-487-8877) to discuss your rollers with our engineers and get a quote for your project. 

Menges won AIMCAL's Technology of the Year for using Computational Fluid Dynamics to design Heat Transfer Rollers.

Our engineering team offers a range of thermal, strength & process modeling services that work to perfect roller design.

Heat transfer rollers are a primary focus. For many applications, hot & cold rollers require very exact temperatures, so Menges uses advanced CFD Technology to design rollers with temperature variances as little as +/- 1°.

Roller load capacity & stress testing are also offered. Using Finite Element Analysis, our engineers ensure rollers are built to withstand the stresses they'll see in our plant. This increases safety, reduces repairs and eliminates downtime.

Our modeling services are especially helpful when designing rollers for new processes or untested applications. Expensive in-field trial & error tests are reduced when Menges Engineers apply their technology toward testing your new converting process in a virtual environment.

Speak to a Menges Roller Sales Engineer for further information or to set an appointment with our engineering team. We can help you with your roller needs, answer your questions, and give you a quote.