Roller Crowning Services

Not Just for Nip Rollers | Crowns Can Improve Material Handling for Many Rollers

Menges Roller provides industrial roller crowning services, which are primarily utilized by nip rollers and long rollers to prevent damage from deflection; this is an important rubber roller finishing service.

Heavy Load Deflection Illustration

This illustrates the forces deflection on a roller; and deflection is amplified with roller length and rotation speed. A Menges Engineer can assist in calculating the proper crown for your application.

This picture shows a large industrial roller being crowned by Menges Roller Company, which specializes in manufacturing and servicing rubber rollers and chill rollers at their facility in Wauconda Illinois.

23 Foot Roller with Crown

This roller's length (28+ ft.) illustrates the concept of deflection. We built-in a .059" parabolic crown to compensate for the roller's deflection coefficient.

Our Roller Crowning Services:

  • Available on New Rollers & Re-Cover Projects
  • For Rubber-Covered Rollers & Hardshell Rollers
  • Generally Hundredths or Thousandths of an Inch
  • Formed using Computer-Controlled Machines
  • Menges Engineers Determine Proper Crown Specs and Calculate Optimal Cosine Curve for Each Situation
  • Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper is Available to Measure Your Nip System Pressure & Analyze Crown Problems
  • Order by Calling 847-487-8877
This picture shows the procedure for applying a parabolic crown to an industrial roller at the Menges Roller Company facility, which offers several services for silicone rollers and rubber rollers.

Shape of Parabolic Crown

The technical name is the Cosine Curve. This parabolic shape will compensate for deflection in nip rolls or long rolls.

Crowning services provided by Menges Roller Company, a high-volume industrial roller manufacturer, include reverse parabolic crowns as an option on rubber rollers and silicone rollers, as indicated in this technical illustration.

Reverse Parabolic Crown

Reverse parabolic crowns (concaved), prevent lateral runout and 'steer' the web, keeping it in on a designated track.

Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper

Crowning services provided by Menges Roller often involved nipping systems, and this illustration shows how to measure nip system pressure using Menges Roller’s Proof-Nip Impression Paper.

To test your nip pressure and crown profiles, use Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper.
Inserted directly into the nip, it clearly shows areas of high pressure, low pressure and no contact.

At Menges Roller Company, computers are used to form precision crowns on rubber nip rollers, and this picture shows how technicians utilize this CNC crowning equipment.

Computer Controlled Crowning Machine

Computer controlled crown-forming machines ensure the accuracy and exact dimensions of each crown, which are usually just a few hundredths or thousandths of an inch.

Large industrial rollers covered with rubber, silicone or urethane may by receive a parabolic crown or a reverse-parabolic crown, both of which are offered by Menges Roller Company, as seen here.

Roller Crowning Services On A Long Roller

Our technician is forming a .011" crown on an EPDM-covered paper industry roll. Menges can crown rollers up to 10 meters long. Few roller companies have this capacity.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click out Request A Quote Button and get started on our industry-leading roller crowning services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.


Menges offers a complete range of products & services for crowned rollers

Crowning services provided for industrial rollers and rubber rollers, offered by Menges Roller Company, are detailed in this technical document, which has several pictures and illustrations.

  • Full Details on Crowning
  • Nip System Diagnostics

Nip system rollers often require testing to check for even pressure and uniform rubber roller contact, which is why Menges Roller sells Proof-Nip Impression Paper, as a way to test these mechanical components; this picture is a web link leading to more information on the subject.

  • Measure Your Nip Pressure
  • Easy to Use, Visible Results

Crowning services for nip rollers provided by Menges Roller Company help rubber rollers and other industrial rollers perform better and work to improve nip system results, as seen in this web link.

  • Nip Systems & Nip Rollers
  • Crowning & Deflection Info

This image is a web link leading to more information on the subject of rubber roller recovering services provided by Menges Roller Company, a leading manufacturer of rollers for the paper and converting industry.

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We'll Give Them New Life


When you're dealing with complex issues such as precision cosine curves, you don't take chances. That's why professionals in the plastics, paper and, steel industries rely on the Menges Team. We know nip systems, crown specifications, troubleshooting, and problem solving better than anyone.

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We're always available to help you run faster, reduce waste. and produce better products.

Generally speaking, a crown helps compensate for the effects of 'deflection,' which is a slight bend or arc in the roller due to extreme pressure and the ends (as with nip systems) or because the roller is very long and dips slightly in the middle.

Parabolic crowns are most often applied to nip rollers, but crowns may be recommended for many roller types. Crowns and reverse crowns are used to slightly stretch the web, reduce wrinkles, or even 'steer' the substrate and prevent drift.

Menges Roller applies crowns to both rubber-covered rollers and hardshell rollers - but our engineers may also help you by diagnosing your nip system and specifying the proper dimensions for precision crowns.