Industrial Roller Balancing Services

Run Smooth and Vibration-Free at Any Linespeed

Menges Roller offers roller balancing services to its customers in the paper, plastic film, and packaging industry throughout North America and Europe.

Large Roller for Dynamic Balancing

This roller is over 20 feet long. Although large, it will benefit from our roller balancing services and go through a complete balancing regiment at a fairly high linespeed.

Menges Roller offers industrial roller balancing services, which includes high-speed balancing and vibration elimination, for all types of rubber and steel rollers, as this image indicates.

Balancing Unit Screen

Digital indicators pinpoint exact weights & angles of imbalance, for accurate corrections and perfectly balanced rolls.

In response to an industry-wide need for roller balancing services, Menges Roller has developed new balancing procedures for rubber rollers and other types of industial rollers.

Large Tube for Pre-Balance

This long tube, for a non-wovens roller, is being balanced. At Menges, we pre-balance all tube before journals are attached, then we re-balance the whole unit at completion.

At Menges Roller Company, our technicians have the ability to balance large and small roller, which may be rubber, urethane or silicone covered, or used as chill or heat rollers, with the goal of eliminating vibration and ensuring smooth operation.

Balancing in Action

Our roller balancing services use a computer-interfaced roll balancing system, which features integrated photo cells for accurate RPM monitoring. Controls give full rotation control as linespeeds are simulated during testing.

As part of any process of applying new rubber covers on industrial rollers, Menges Roller Company will also include a performance-enhancing balancing service, as seen here,which improves the functionality of the roller and optimizes its ability to convert, contact, pinch or laminate.

Balancing Rubber Roller

Rubber rollers should be rebalanced when recovered. This contact roll has just been recovered & grooved, so it's now being balanced to our customer's linespeed (2500 RPM/1250 FPM).

This image shows the large capacity of Menges Roller regarding roller balancing, which includes a capacity to handle rubber rollers as well as solid steel models.

Large Rollers Can Be Balanced

The roller has a thick urethane rollcover - over 1" thick across 22 feet is a lot extra weight - so even through the roller was balanced at fabrication it is being re-balanced with the rubber.


  • Static Balancting: To Prevent Loping and Rollover
  • Two-Plane Dynamic Balancing: Puts Roller in Full Rotary Motion for Balancing at Customer-Specified Linespeed
  • Tubes for New Rollers are Pre-Balanced
  • New Rollers Fully Balanced at Final Assembly
  • Any Roller Type May Be Balanced
  • Menges Engineers Recommend Full Balancing Procedures for All New and Refurbished Rollers


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote button and get started on our roller balancing services from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.


Menges offers a complete range of secondary services to enhance the performance of any industrial roller

New industrial rollers are made and sold by Menges Roller Company, primarily custom varieties, fabricated for unique manufacturing and converting processes, including pickling, pressing, leveling, straightening, laminating and coating.

  • Rolls Made to Your Specs
  • All-Steel or Steel with Rubber


  • Silicone & Urethane Rollcovers
  • All Types of Covered Rollers

Large industrial rollers (including couch rollers, felt and feed rolls, accumulator, passline, tension stand, hold-down and bridle rolls) all benefit from high speed balancing services provided by Menges Roller.

  • Capacity to 33 Feet (10 M)
  • For Any Roller Types

Balancing services for rubber rollers are offered by Menges Roller Company, but silicone and urethane varieties may also benefit from roller grooinv services, as this image indicates.

  • Many Groove Options
  • For Any Covered Roller

In addition to providing roller balancing services, Menges Roller also offers new roller jackets made from silicone, urethane, rubber, synthetic plastic, TPU or neoprene, and this webpage gives further information on these elastomer compounds.

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We'll Give Them New Life

When industrial rollers require repair services, Menges Roller is the vendor chosen by many processors in the paper industry and coil converting sector, primarily because Menges offers such a comprehensive list of refurbishing, OD grinding, chrome plating and shaft replacement options, as this webpage indicates.

  • In-House Machine Shop
  • All Types of Repairs


Unbalanced rollers result in vibration, poor process results, and potentially wasted stock. Excess vibration can even damage machine components and bearings, increasing expenditures & downtime. With balanced rollers from Menges, you'll run at higher speeds and have better process results.

So call 847-487-8877 or Request A Quote to discuss how you can benefit from our roller balancing services.

Balancing services are important for all types of rollers - rubber covered, solid steel or heat-transfer roll - and balancing should be completed on new rollers as well as those in for service.

All our roller balancing services employ computer-interfaced balancing machines and electronic centrifugal sensors.

Proper balancing of rollers is critical, so speak to a Menges Engineer about balancing your rollers.

There are actually two types of balancing: Static and Dynamic.

Static balancing prevents 'loping,' which is where the roller has a heavy spot and 'turns over' when the line is stopped.

Dynamic balancing prevents the roller from vibrating when in rotary motion. Vibration causes waivering in plastic film, paper and even steel - which can lead to uneven coating, laminating and processing.