Chrome Roller Finishes

Chrome is Just the Beginning | Menges Offers Many Plate & Finish Options

Industrial rollers, including chill rollers and heat transfer rollers, may be re-chromed by Menges Roller Company as part of their comprehensive repair and refurbishing services.

Chill Roll with Mirror Finish Chrome

This chill roll features mirror-finished chrome. The polish has a 3-5 Ra value. Low Ra 'Super Finishes', down to 0-1, are available.

Chrome refinishing, a service provided by Menges Roller Company, may also be called chrome re-plating or just chrome plating, and this picture indicates the results of chrome plating on a chill roller, sometimes known as a heat transfer roller.

Inspecting Our Chrome Roller Finishes

One of our advantages is that services are conducted in-house. A Menges Technician inspects newly-chromed chill rolls.

Nickle plate for industrial rollers, specifically chill and heat rolls, is offered by Menges Roller Company as a finishing option to protect against corrosion.

Nickel Plated Heat Transfer Rolls

Nickel plate will protect these heat transfer rollers from corrosive chemicals. Nickel may also be used to coat the inner chamber.

Chrome plating services for industrial rollers are offered by Menges Roller Company, and can be applied to large process rollers, chill rollers, or heat rollers as a refurbishing option or a new product option, as shown in this picture.

7 Meter Chrome Roller

With a 10 meter capacity, large rollers are a Menges specialty - and all services, including chrome, are available for large formats.

At Menges Industrial Roller Company, finishing services for industrial rollers includes grooving of aluminum rollers, as seen here.

Thin Grooves on Aluminum

These are precision grooves we machined into an anodized aluminum 8" diameter process roller. Yes, we can do that.

Finishing services for industrial rollers, provided by Menges Roller Company, include a special matte finish known as acid etched, which is seen in this picture; it is a special textured finish on the roller.

Acid Etched Finish

Acid Etched: The acid etched finish has a somewhat rough matte surface. A slight roughing of the roll's surface can be favorable when friction is required to enhance material handling traits.

Menges Roller offers shot blasted finishes for industrial rollers, which is a friction enhancing matte finish popular on chill rollers and idler rollers, as indicated in this image.

Shot Blasted Matte Finish

Shot Blasted: This shot blasted technique is another method to achieve a matte finish. This is a bit smoother than acid etched. See your Menges Sales Engineer for more details.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click our Request A Quote button and get started on our industry-leading chrome roller finishes for your rollers from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.


Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings - Enhancing Performance & Extending Roller Life

Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings are a family of high-performance coatings, consisting of minute metallic particles, sprayed onto the roller while in a molten state.

Marathon Coatings Enhance Roller Durability and Performance:

  • Incredible Wear & Abrasion Resistance
  • Superior Oxidation & Corrosion Resistance
  • Improved Traction (surface textures can be customized)
  • Non-Stick, High-Release Formulations Available

Tungsten Carbide is our most popular thermal spray coating. However, multiple thermal spray choices are available. Your Menges Sales Engineer can provide further information on the complete line of Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings.

At Menges Roller Company, we offer several plating and finishing options for industrial rollers, including plasma spray options, flame sprays, and tungsten carbide.

Flame Spraying in Action

Thermal sprays give steel a super-hard protective coat. It’s less expensive than components made from solid titanium or carbide, but with similar durability.


Thermal Sprayed Chill Roller

This chill roll has a Marathon thermal sprayed tungsten carbide finish. This finish is extremely durable with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

This image shows a tungsten carbide flame spray finish applied to a chill roller by Menges Roller Company, as part of its industrial roller refurbishing services.

Thermal Sprayed Closeup

A closeup view of the thermal sprayed tungsten carbide finish. This compound is used widely on airplane engine parts, a credit to its incredible toughness.


For New Rollers or Refurbishing Projects

  • Chrome Roller Finishes: Mirror, Optical Mirror, & Super Finishes
  • Finishes May Be Polished to Any Ra Value
  • Nickel Plate
  • Thermal Sprayed Coatings
  • Acid Etched & Shot Blasted Matte Finishes
  • Black Chrome
  • Croydon Chrome (a satin finish)
  • Anodizing (for aluminum cores)
  • Knurled Textures
  • Cylindrical Grinding / Re-Grinding to Any Ra Value

Removal of Your Old Finish: For refurbishing projects, Menges has in-house cylindrical grinding capabilities, to completely remove your old finish & prepare it for one of our new chrome roller finishes, nickel, or whatever you choose.

As part of their chrome and special finishes for industrial rollers, Menges Roller Company provides Croydon chrome, which is a special option as seen in this heat transfer roller.

Croydon Chrome Plated Chill Roll

Croydon Chrome: We did not make this chill roll, but we did re-plate it with this special croydon satin chrome finish.

Because Mengse Roller offers such a wide array of finishing services, including this Croydon finish, we lead all other roller companies in finishing options.

Croydon Chrome Plated Closeup

Croydon Chrome: The finish is essentially a chrome plate that is shot blasted to create a matte look that is actually very smooth.

This is an example of an industrial roller with a knurled finish, manufactured and marketed by Menges Roller Company, a corporation that offers many repair, refurbishing and refinishing options.

Knurled Aluminum Roller

Knurled: This aluminum roller has a lightly knurled surface texture. Several variations of knurling are available. Speak to a Menges Engineer for details.

Roller texturing and finishing services from menges roller company

Knurled Steel Roller

Knurled: Here we see a steel roller with a more pronounced diamond knurling pattern. At Menges, we can offer suggestions or work directly from your print.

Chill rollers can be refurbished at Menges Roller Company, and this includes the grinding away of old chrome and the application of new chrome plating, then polishing that chrome to a mirror finish; here we see the first stage.

Old Chrome

Chill rolls with old, worn chrome may be refurbished and refinished. This company wanted us to remove the old chrome and use one of our roller chrome finishes.

New chrome plate, applied to any industrial roller, can be obtained at Menges Roller Company as part of their roller refinishing services and roller repairs.

New Chrome

This chill roller has been refurbished, complete with one our our new chrome roller finishes. 

Cylindrical grinding services provided by Menges Roller Company may be used for calendar rollers in the paper industry, as seen in this example, which shows Menges technicians preparing to remove rust via a precision grinding process.

Calendar Rollers Before

Before: Calendar rollers arriving at Menges for cylindrical grinding services. We're not intimidated by big jobs like this.

Calendar rollers, after being precision ground and polished at Menges Roller Company, perform better because they have been resurfaced and had their concentricity corrected, as seen in this image.

Calendar Roller After Grinding

After: Our cylindrical grinding process has the calendar rollers in good shape. Check our Cylindrical Grinding page (below).


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As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services targeting each aspect of the roll

Chrome refinishing services for industrial rollers, which can be completed by Menges Roller Company, include cylindrical grinding as the first step for removing the old chrome, as this link will illustrate.

  • To Remove Old Chrome
  • To True Up Out-of-Round Rolls

Because Menges Roller Company provides such a wide array roller refurbishing services, stand alone offerings were made for chill rollers and heat rolls, which this link leads to.

  • Menges Can Rebuild Your Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll

Menges Roller Company provides industrial roller repair services for all types of silicone rollers, urethane rollers, chill and heat rolls, as well as flattener style rollers, and this link provides further information on all of these items.

  • Comprehensive Repair Services
  • For All Types of Rollers

Chrome refinishing is often accompanied by acid flushing, when completing maintenance services on heat transfer & chill rollers at Menges Roller Company, as this webpage indicates.

  • Important Maintenance Procedure
  • Flushes Away Clogs & Coagulants


The finish of a rollface is critical because its in constant contact with your product. But finishes also impact the roll's material handling properties. All our chrome plating and finishing options are available for new rollers and refurbishing projects.

Your Menges Roller Sales Engineer can explain the particular advantages of each finish.

Call 847-487-8877 or click the button today and get started on using our roller chrome finishes to meet your particular needs.

We'll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.

Menges designs & fabricates custom rollers to meet the unique requirements of OEMs and end users - and this customization extends to the rollface. The rollface is important because it is in constant contact with your stock and literally 'reflects in your product.'

We offer mirror-finish chrome, which produces a nice 'gloss finish' in plastic film: but this is just the beginning. Menges offers a variety of matte finishes, corrosion-resistant flame sprays, and texturing options. These finishes are available for new rollers and rollers being refurbished.

Speak to your Menges Engineer about the finish that's right for your application