Acid Flushing for Chill Rolls

A Critical Maintenance Service for Liquid Filled Rollers

Menges Roller offers acid washing services for liquid-filled industrial rollers, for hot and cold applications, and this service works to restore thermal transfer rates and reduce oxidation.

Never Acid Flushed Chill Roll Inner Shell

The result of not acid flushing. This badly oxidized chill roll required a full rebuild.

When acid flushing services from Menges are applied to chill and heat transfer rollers, rust and scale are removed, which improves laminating and adhesive curing.

Never Acid Flushed Inner Shell

This inner shell was removed as part of total roll rebuild, mainly caused by a lack of regular acid flushing services.

Acid flushing services for chill rollers are provided by Menges Roller Company in northeast Illinois, available for paper mill rollers and chill rolls for extruded film, as seen here.

Rust from Oxidized Chill Roll

All this is what gets trapped inside the roller when it's not acid flushed. This roller required a full rebuild.

When acid flushing services are purchased from Menges Roller Company, plant mangers can expect increased fluid flow and improved thermal transfer rates on evey type of liquid-filled roller.

Acid Flushing For Chill Rolls, The Initial Flush

This is typically what we see when acid flushing begins. Sludge like this is harder to remove the longer it sits in the roller, which is why we recommend annual acid flushing maintenance.

Acid washing services from Menges Roller are helpful in removing calcium deposits and coagulate thermal transfer fluids, especially important for nonwovens and geosynthetic material processors.

Day 2 of Flushing

Day 2 - Menges will flush your roller for up to 3 days. This duration is necessary to break-down the mix of hardened debris particles. The output color changes as different chemicals & materials are flushed out.

When acid flushing is not completed, processors see poor cooling and heating results in liquid filled chill rolls, which is why Menges Roller provides this valuable service.

Day 3 of Flushing

Day 3 - Rust, calcium deposits, and industrial oils are notoriously difficult to break down, which is why we continue the process for several days. Here, on day 3, we're seeing a reduction in particulate matter.

The final results of acid flushing services from Menges Roller company generate optimized thermal transfer for chill rollers and heated rolls, as seen in this image.

Final Flushing

The Result - After 3 full days of chemical baths, high-pressure washes and, continuous flushing, we have positive results. When conducted annually, acid flushing for chill rolls will maintain uniform thermal transfer & extends your roller's life.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click today and get started on top of the line acid flushing for chill rolls from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology.

 We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.


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Acid flushing can save you from expensive chill roll rebuild and replacement costs. Like any good maintenance service, spending a little now saves money in the long run. Debris & scale result in poor flowrates and uneven thermal transfer, on both hot and cold rollers.

Annual acid flushing for chill rolls prevents debris buildup in the first place, maintaining optimum heating, and cooling. So don't take chances with your equipment, your processes, or your job!

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We can schedule a priority or rush acid flushing procedure and have you up & rolling in no time! We're here to help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.

Over time, liquid-filled heat transfer rollers can become clogged with coagulated chemicals, rust or mineral deposits. These foreign substances lead to low flowrates and poor thermal transfer, affecting your manufacturing processes.

With Menges' Acid Flushing Services, coagulants and oxidized particles are broken down and flushed out of the roll.

Acid flushing is recommended as a once-per-year preventive maintenance service. Annual acid flushing prevents unwanted compounds from building to high levels, which might damage the roller or impede thermal transfer.

Rush and priority turnaround times are available to minimize downtimes.

So speak with a Menges Engineer about acid flushing services - to keep your chill roll cold and your hot roll hot.