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More Than Just "Rubber Rollers", Menges Offers Performance-Grade Elastomers For Every Application

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Menges offers a variety of cover compounds for industrial rollers as this picture indicates

Variety of Rollcover Compounds & Grooves

At Menges Roller, we can cover your roller with any elastomer on the market. Download our rubber selection guide to see a wide variety of compounds for rubber rollers.

Menges Super Tough Coat is a proprietary nitrile-based roll cover as seen here with diamond grooves

Diamonds On Super Tough Coat

Menges has developed several proprietary compounds, including Super Tough Coat, which features a nitrile base with carboxylic modifications, making it far more durable than standard nitrile. This is a very popular and durable material.

Grooving of rubber rollers at menges roller company in Wauconda Illinois usa

EPDM Covered Rubber Rollers

EPDM is one of our most popular rollcovers. This 10 inch diameter roller has a fresh EPDM cover with a diamond groove pattern.

EPDM stands up to chemicals very well and has above average abrasion and dent resistance. The balanced mix of physical and chemical properties makes our EPDM perfect for an array of applications.



The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote and get started on an industry-leading heat-transfer roller from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

  • Our Capacity: 32.8 Ft. / 10 Meters
  • Award-Winning Seamless Rollcovering Process
  • Dozens of Performance-Grade Compounds Available
  • Multiple Groove & Serration Options
  • Parabolic & Reverse-Parabolic Crowns
  • High-Polish & Textured Surface Finishes
  • Dynamically Balanced for Vibration-Free Operation
  • Available for New Rollers or Re-Cover Projects
  • All Services Completed In-House for Superior Quality
  • Quick Turnaround Times
Menges Roller developed and tested urethane rollcover compound Tiger Max for high-performance roller applications

Tiger Max Urethane Rollcover

Tiger Max is an abrasion-resistant urethane-based rollcover developed by Menges Roller. It is widely used in the steel coil converting industry. 

Tiger max urethane roller cover from menges roller company for steel coil converting applications and uses

Grooved Tiger Max

One of the distinct advantages of our Tiger Max Urethane Rollcover is its extreme 'machinability'. And with a high durometer factor, precise square-edge grooves are possible.

rubber roller at menges roller with Teflon sleeve

Teflon® Sleeved Roller

This roller features a Teflon® sleeve. Our ability to offer rare & specialized compounds is one thing that sets Menges apart.

Rubber rollers from menges roller covered with hypalon rollcover compound

Hypalon Cover For Metal Industry

For a metal alloy plant, these rolls feature a special hypalon blend rollcover, formulated to withstand a harsh chemical bath.

Rubber roller designed by menges roller company with nitrile rollcover compound

Polished Nitrile For Adhesive Applicator

This nitrile rollcover has a high-polish finish. Used in an adhesive application process, the roll cover also has a .001 inch parabolic crown, formed using a very precise computer-controlled machine.

Hypalon covered roller on a large embossing roller for a top-tier packaging company

Hypalon On Embossing Roll

This is an embossing roll for a major packaging corporation. This roller weighs nearly 10,000 pounds - but it's no problem for Menges Roller's large-capacity machines.

Rubber covered roller rubber roller menges roller nitrile rollcover roller recover services new industrial rollers

New Nitrile Covered Roll

This new 16" diameter roller features nitrile, known for durability, cost-effectiveness, and used across a variety of applications.

Urethane rollers industrial rollers new rollers recovering of industrial rollers menges roller

New Urethane Covered Rolls

Urethane rollers are a Menges specialty. We fabricated these narrow-web rollers & covered with an 80 durometer urethane.

Rubber roller manufactured by menges roller company for oem covered with green nitrile roller jacket

Green Hypalon

This new rubber roller, made for an OEM in the plastics industry, features a custom-blended green hypalon jacket, formulated for a 65 durometer hardness factor.

New rubber roller manufactured by menges industrial roller company and covered with super tough coat carboxylated jacket

Super Tough Coat

Although this looks similar to blue hypalon, this rubber roller cover is a special carboxylated version formulated to bring out certain properties our customer needed.


  • Menges Super Tough Coat
  • Menges Tiger Max
  • Thermal Plastic Urethanes (TPUs)
  • Hypalon
  • Hypalon Blends (for Corona Treater purposes)
  • Nitrile (BNR/BUNA)
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • EPDM-Silicone Blends
  • Silicone (many High-Release & Heat-Resistant options)
  • Viton
  • Hypalon
  • Teflon
  • Natural and Synthetic Rubbers
  • Anti-Static Blends
  • FDA-Approved Blends (for Food & Pharmaceutical uses)

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                                                                 Menges Roller logo for Silicone Rollcovers for Rubber Rollers and Industrial Rollers

When formulated correctly, silicones can have very desirable properties: dialectic strength, heat resistance, high release.

Menges Roller offers silicone-based rollcovers to fit the most critical process applications.

We understand silicone better than anyone.

large silicone roller from menges roller featuring large format

24 Foot Silicone Roller

This extremely long roll has a white silicone cover. Our capacity extends to 10 meters, over 32 feet for rubber rollers! No roller company matches our lineup of robust capabilities.

Chill roller with silicone rollcover designed and manufactured by menges roller company

Silicone Covered Chill Roll

Rubber rollers like this one can be water cooled to improve bond strength. A small chill roll covered with high-release silicone - another special roller from Menges. 

Silicone covered roller silicone roller from menges roller company two layer silicone

Two Layers of Silicone

This rather beefy chill roller features two layers of silicone. The bottom red layer is a fairly hard 80 durometer, while the top is a softer 67 durometer silicone.

Silicone covered industrial roller menges roller company manufactured designed menges roller

Silicone Rollcover with Parallel Serrations

This high-release silicone rollcover includes parallel serrations along the entire face.


  • HIGH-RELEASE: Menges supplies silicone rollcovers for many adhesive & laminating operations.
  • CORONA TREATER: We blend dialectic strength, good conductivity with high temperature resistance.
  • THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE: With vast heat transfer knowledge, Menges blends silicones for optimal conductivity.
  • ANTI-STATIC: Special silicone formulas eliminate risks for static & sparks, while reducing particulate matter cling.
  • EPDM-SILICONE BLENDS: Menges techs combine the best of EPDM (durability) and silicone (heat & release).
  • FDA-APPROVED SILICONES: We supply FDA-compliant silicone rollcovers to several food & drug packagers.

See your Menges Sales Engineer for more details on all our silicone and silicone-blend rollcover options.


As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services, targeting each aspect of the roll.


    • Parabolic & Reverse Parabolics
    • To Enhance Material Handling

Link to industrial roller balancing and dynamic balancing services at menges roller company for industrial rollers

    • Dynamic & Static Balancing
    • For Smooth-Running Rollers

Roller grooving services provided by Menges Roller are important to converters and plastic film manufacturers because grooved rollers allow plants to remove air, apply adhesives, laminate webs and convert flexible electronic components.

  • Many Patterns Available
  • For Any Rubber Covered Roller

Link to contact roller manufacturing and rubber roller contact rolls by menges roller company

    • For Push & Pull Applications
    • Many Material & Groove Options

Large rollers from Menges Roller Company are provided with rubber covers, chrome plate or steel shells that have undergone cylindrical grinding services – and these large rollers can be seen in nonwovens applications around the world.

    • For Extra-Wide Material Widths
    • Capacity to 10 Meters/33 Ft.

Link to rubber recovering services from menges roller company for silicone and urethane and rubber covered industrial rollers

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We’ll Give Them New Life

Nip rollers from Menges Roller Company are offered with or without parabolic crowns, and many be rubber rollers, steel industrial rollers or work in conjunction with a chill roller – and this link helps explain these dynamics.

  • Nip Systems Can Be Complex
  • Get All The Details Here

Carbon fiber rollers, manufactured by Menges Roller Company, can be rubber covered and serrated, then used in a wrinkle removing function, which is also recognized as a web spreader function.

    • We Understand Web Movement
    • Special Rollers Prevent Wrinkling


No company understands the chemistry of elastomers, rubbers, and silicones quite like Menges Roller... And few roller companies have our capacities in size, grooving and precision crowning. Don’t take chances with your rollers – they affect too many areas of your plant.


The term 'Rubber Roller' is a catch-all phrase that covers Silicone Rollers, Urethane Rollers, and rollers covered in synthetic and natural rubber compounds.

And Menges Roller offers the most complete line of rubber roller options in the industry, with dozens of rollcovers and multiple finishing options.

From natural and synthetic rubbers such as hypalon and nitrile, to heat-resistant and high-release silicone blends, even custom-formulated urethanes and hybrid specialty compounds, Menges Roller has a rollcover to meet your exact needs - many in-house and available for immediate use.

Our award-winning seamless rollcover system delivers flawless results, far superior to common calendaring processes.

Complete your rubber roller with our in-house grooving, serrating, precision crown forming, polishing and balancing services. Menges Roller's full array of rollcover compounds and rubber roller finishing services are available for new rollers as well as rubber re-cover projects on existing rollers.