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Two small crowned rollers to be used in a narrow nipping system as built and sold by menges roller company

Two Small Nip Rollers

These two small crowned rollers will work together in a narrow-web nipping system. Unlike most crowns, which are usually just a few microns, these are actually quite visible in a nip roller situation.

computer controlled crowning for industrial roller from menges roller company

Computer Controlled Precision Crowning

Precision is critical when forming crowns. Small increments make a big impact. We use CNC controls to form crowns as small as .001 inch (a thousandth of an inch).

Menges roller offers solutions for nipping system rollers and nip rollers because menges roller manufactures nip rollers and nipping rollers for industrial purposes

Highlight Of Roller Crown

Deflection is a common problem in many nip roller systems. It’s partially caused by extreme pressure being applied at the roller ends, creating a bow in the middle. This causes uneven material contact.

Nip rollers benefit from parabolic crowns offered by menges roller company

Highlight Of Parabolic Crown

To compensate for the pressures of deflection, a precision parabolic crown is formed on the rollcover. Rely on the Menges Engineers to calculate a crown profile that meets your unique nip system specs.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote and get started on an industry-leading heat-transfer roller from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

  • Fabrication: Menges Roller manufactures new nip rollers for OEMs and ‘exact-fit’ spares for plants / end-users
  • Design Services for Nip Systems: Our computer models determine optimal roll specifications & crown dimensions
  • Crown Forming: CNC machines can form precision parabolic crowns on any rubber-covered roller
  • Nip Pressure Measurement: Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper shows areas of high & low nip pressure


Nip roller with silicone roller cover manufactured by menges roller company in Wauconda Illinois near Chicago

New Nip Roller

This new nip roller is a replacement for a large packaging plant. The rollcover is Super Tough Coat (developed by Menges) and features a .003 parabolic crown.

Nip roller being measured for accuracy by Menges Roller technician in Menges Roller shop where Menges Roller sells industrial nip rollers and nip system rolls

Special Nip Roller For OEM

Menges often builds new nip rollers for packaging machine OEMs and our technician is finishing one here. The custom yellow core and Viton cover were special requests.

Industrial nip rollers for metal industry requiring recover service at menges roller company near Chicago

Nip Rollers Before Recovering

It’s often desirable to recover both squeegee rollers at the same time. These are ready for covers and parabolic crowns.

Industrial rollers for metal industry after new cover application and repairs at menges roller company near chicago

Nip Rollers After Recovering

Menges Roller has now recovered both squeegee rollers with a 60 durometer black hypalon and applied a .005″ crown.

Menges Roller offers nip impression solutions including nip impression paper and nip roller crowning and nipping system engineering consulting

Nip Impression Paper From Menges

Menges' Proof-Nip Impression Paper: If you’re seeing uneven nip results, you need to try this product.

Our nip impression paper measures your nip pressure, clearly showing areas of high & low pressure, allowing corrective actions to be taken.

design services for industrial rollers CAD FEA CFD menges roller paper industry

Testing Nip Roller Strength

Due to the tremendous pressure nip rollers encounter, Menges has developed computer technology that measures nip pressure & nip roller strength. This helps us build sufficiently-strong rollers with the proper crown dimensions.


As A Full-Service Roller Company, Menges Offers A Full Range Of Support Services That Targets Each Aspect Of The Roll

This is a link to CAD and CFD and FEA design and engineering services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from menges roller

  • Award Winning Design Services
  • For Perfect Temperatures

Nip system solutsions are offered by Menges Roller, and this link leads to Menges Proof Nip Impression Paper, which is key to soliving nip issues, along with parabolic crown, squeegee and pinch roller issues.

    • Measure Your Nip Pressure
    • Easy to Use, Visible Results


    • For Worn Rubber Rollers
    • We’ll Give Them New Life

This link shows details regarding the proper crowning of industrial rollers used in nipping systems, which includes technical illustrations, pictures, and data from Menges Roller Company.

    • Full Details on Crowning
    • Nip System Diagnostics

This is a link showing information on rubber roller crowning services offered by Menges Roller company, which specializes in nip roller manufacturing, squeegee roller manufacturing and pinch roller manufacturing.

    • Parabolic & Reverse Parabolics
    • Compensates for Deflection

Nip system rubber rollers require balancing services, and this link shows how Menges Roller completes a variety of balancing services for all industrial rollers, which includes dynamic balancing, high speed balancing, loping prevention, and static balancing.

    • Dynamic & Static Balancing
    • For Smooth-Running Rollers


Nip systems play a critical role in many key processes. Bad nipping results are a real problem. So don’t take chances with crowns, new nip rolls, or re-cover choices – get it right the first time with Menges!


Nip systems, squeegee rollers, or pinch rolls – different names, same concept: two rollers with stock running between.

Nipping principles may seem fairly simple, but achieving the correct pressure, evenly across the web, can be difficult. Many factors play a part: the rollcover, its crown profile, the nip system’s pressure & alignment settings, and so on.

Menges’ Engineering staff understands all these factors and will improve the performance of your nipping system. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate rubber chemistry, durometer, and parabolic crown dimension.

And we can test your nip pressure with our special pressure-sensitive Proof Nip Impression Paper. Menges engineers even use computer technology to test the strength of nip roller journals & components.

If you simply have a worn nip roller needing a recover, we’re ready to oblige. You’ll love our quick turnaround times.