Extra Large Industrial Rollers

Oversized Process Rollers Are A Specialty At Menges Roller

Check Out This Video Highlighting Menges Roller’s Exceptional Capabilities In Extra Large Industrial Rollers

Large rubber roller manufacturing for nonwovens and industrial fabrics sector menges roller company

Extra Large Industrial Rollers

Large industrial rollers are one of our specialties. Our technician is inspecting this 26 foot process roller.

It is fabricated and covered under one roof at Menges Roller.

Large specialty roller manufacturing from menges roller company

Solid Steel Roller With Spine

We manufactured this roller from a solid piece of steel. With a 20 inch diameter & 10 foot length, it weighs several tons. We achieved a 20 Ra finish with our cylindrical grinding.

Large heat transfer rollers from menges roller company in Wauconda il also chill rollers and industrial rollers and thermal rollers

2 Process Rolls, 2 Chillers

Two of these are double-shell chill rolls and two are process rolls. All these industrial rollers are made from stress-relieved stainless steel. 

Chrome plating services from menges for large rollers from industrial fabrics

Super-Sized Chrome Plated Roll

All our finishing and specialty services are available for large industrial rollers. This big roll features 20 Ra chrome plate.

Roller engineering and roller engineering at menges roller company for roller shaft repair

Journal Twist-Stress Test

We build them big & strong! Menges Engineers use advanced FEA technology to test journal & core strength before fabrication. Here we see what 15,000 PSI will do.

Roller engineering and roller design services from menges roller company

Deflection Test On A Long Chill Roll

For long rollers, ‘deflection’ can be an issue. But, Menges Engineers use advanced stress modeling technology to ensure all rollers have a minimized deflection coefficient.

Menges Roller makes and repairs large industrial rollers for the paper industry plastic industry and steel industry

Long Web Spreader

This is a very long web spreader, which we recovered & grooved. Although the roll is over 28 feet, we delivered a very low TIR. This is why wide web converters call on Menges to process their industrial rollers.

Menges Roller designs and makes large industrial rollers like this one and menges roller repairs industrial rollers and covers industrial rollers and provides nationwide service throughout the united states

Large Autoclave Ovens

Our technician is inspecting this recently-recovered roller for a major paper product producer. To vulcanize rollers this big, large autoclave ovens are required, and Menges has them to process industrial rollers.

Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois makes industrial rollers up to 30 feet long

Tight Tolerances & Perfectly Balanced

Matt Menges with two freshly-finished rollers for a customer in the industrial fabrics sector. Although large, tolerances are very tight and they run at high speeds so they’re perfectly balanced.

New industrial roller manufacturing felt rewind table guide blind drill menges roller

Large Roll With Bolt-On Journal

This large roll features bolt-on journals, designed by Menges to overcome installation issues in our customer’s machines. Innovations like this are a Menges specialty.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote and get started on industry-leading extra large industrial rollers from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.


Menges Offers A Complete Range Of Secondary Services To Enhance Their Performance Properties

This is a link to CAD and CFD and FEA design and engineering services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from menges roller

  • Strength & Capacity Testing
  • Check our Engineering Service

Large rubber rollers requiring grooves or industrial rollers requiring serration may be obtained from Menges Roller Company, and this link shows these roller service & repair offerings.

    • Many Patterns Available
    • For Any Rubber Covered Roller

This is a link to CAD and CFD and FEA design and engineering services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from menges roller

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Chrome, Nickel, Plasma & More

Large rubber rollers and all types of industrial rollers may be covered in hypalon, epdm, viton, nitrile or urethane – and these elastomer compounds are offered through this link.

    • Dozens of Compounds Available
    • Plus Many Groove Options

Large industrial rollers and rubber rollers which require deflection compensation may require crowning or parabolic crowning, which can be obtained at Menges Roller Company.

    • Parabolic & Reverse Parabolics
    • Compensates for Deflection

Large industrial rollers may be balanced at Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois, which offers many industrial roller refurbishing options.

    • Dynamic & Static Balancing
    • For Smooth-Running Rollers


At Menges Roller, getting started on extra large industrial rollers is as simple as contacting a Menges Sales Engineer.

We have design & engineering services to ensure durability & strength for your roller needs.

Call us at (847) 487-8877 to speak discuss your project and get a quote.

At Menges, extra large industrial rollers are a key product. We manufacture process industrial rollers up to 10 meters long (32.8 ft).

Few roller companies have invested like Menges in the upsized equipment needed to make oversized rollers.

And our full range of value-added services is available for large-format rollers. We can recover that 4 ton nip roll. We’ll replace the journal on that huge paper mill roller.

Yes, we can put a .009 parabolic crown on a 24 foot nip roller. And Menges is one of very few companies that can make you brand new industrial rollers 10 meters long.

We even use advanced technology to test load capacity – ensuring each & every roll is built strong enough!