SuperSpander Coil Mandrel Expander Rings

With Menges SuperSpanders, Odd Coil Sizes Are No Problem

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Coil Expanders Narrow

Menges SuperSpanders save time, improve safety, reduce waste, and enable you to handle any coil. These are all factors that help improve your bottom line. That’s a big benefit for a small investment.

Super spander rubber mandrel ring coil expander ring steel coil rubber rings menges roller company

Coil Expanders Thick

SuperSpanders can be fabricated to any required diameter or width. Made from a durable yet flexible synthetic rubber, our coil expanders offer exceptional value to your plant.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click Request A Quote and get started on your coil mandrel expander rings and rollers from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

menges roller makes coil expanders and mandrel expansion rings and expander rings for coil converters

Diagonal Cut Heavy Expanders

Our expander rings are made of SBR, a synthetic rubber known for its durability, elasticity and long life.

More than just convenient, Menges SuperSpanders add a level of safety to your operation by keeping the coil from slipping on the mandrel.

Coil expander SuperSpanders from Menges Roller company manufactures rubber mandrel rings

SuperSpanders in Action

Menges SuperSpander expander rings are easy to use and install. They fit directly onto the mandrel arm and can be used individually or in pairs.

You can see here how the coil expander rings prevent the mandrel from touching & scratching the coil.

We Have The SuperSanders You Need

Many plant managers find it useful to have 3 or 4 SuperSpanders on-hand. So pickup a few Menges SuperSpanders and be ready for any size coil.

Call us at (847) 487-8877 to speak to an Engineer about your project and your SuperSander needs.

Our coil mandrel expander rings save time, increase safety, and eliminate waste. This ingenious product pays for itself the first few times you use it, then goes on to generate significant returns over a long lifespan.

Our rubber coil expanders act as ‘size adapter rings,’ allowing your plant to handle coils with any ID.

Used individually or in pairs, SuperSpanders fit over your coil handling mandrel to increase its OD. Made of a rubber that expands with the mandrel jaws, odd sized coil diameters are no longer a problem!

Many customers even use them as a permanent accessory because they prevent coil damage & slippage.

At Menges Roller, we custom-manufacture our SuperSpanders to fit each customer’s needs.


  • Enables handling of coils with any ID – to accommodate globally-sourced coils & odd sizes
  • Protects coils from damage by preventing mandrel-on-coil abrasion (increases yield, reduces scrap)
  • SuperSpanders are easy to install
  • After installed, loading coils onto the mandrel becomes a much easier task
  • Increases safety by reducing coil-on-mandrel slippage (produces a tight grip on the coil)
  • Made from an oil & abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber compound
  • Durable & flexible rubber performs for years, so Menges SuperSpanders are a good investment