About Us

The Key Benefits of Working with Menges Roller Include

  • Rock-Solid Fabrication
  • Precision Engineering
  • Swift Turnarounds
  • Large Roller Specialists – our capacity reaches 30+ feet (10 meters)
  • OEM Quality Replacement Rolls – at ½ the cost of the actual OEM
  • All Services Under One Roof – total quality control & ‘whole team’ approach
  • Rollcover Experts – dozens of compounds in stock ready for your roller
  • In-House Trucking – no matter where you’re at, we can facilitate delivery
  • Award-Winning Tech – AIMCAL “Technology of the Year” winner
  • Great Service – benefit from our vast technical knowledge & experience


We provide a comprehensive array of services, including repairs, re-covers, dynamic & static balancing, crowning, groove & serration work, acid flushing, chrome refinishing, precision grinding, and complete refurbishing services.

Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois makes industrial rollers up to 30 feet long

Engineering and Manufacturing

At Menges Roller, our ability to engineer and manufacture even the most difficult roller designs sets us apart from the competition. Menges serves customers throughout North America and in targeted global markets. We’ll help you run faster, waste less, and produce a better product.

Matthew Menges is seen in this picture with a large industrial roller. As president of Menges Roller, Matt oversees the operations that design and fabricated large rollers such as this.


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application. Call 847-487-8877 or click today and get started on an industry-leading heat-transfer roller from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

Menges Roller was established in 1966 by Louis J. Menges, and the company has seen strong and steady growth ever since. Today, under the leadership of Matthew Menges, Menges Roller is recognized as a leader in industrial rollers for the converting, plastic packaging, non-wovens, pulp & paper, and allied metal markets.

We design & manufacture new precision-engineered rollers for well-known OEMs and incorporate that same industry-leading quality into our aftermarket replacement rolls for end users. Our flagship line includes double-shelled, spiral-baffle heat transfer rollers and we’re considered authorities in this field. Menges Roller also features an award-winning engineering department, utilizing the latest predictive modeling and CFD thermal technologies.

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