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Heat Transfer / Chill Rolls

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Nip Rollers

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Wrinkle Removers

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Adhesive Layon Rolls


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We indicated here the positive results of having Menges Roller apply new chrome to your heated industrial roller, which include options for superfinish and optical mirror chrome.


  • New Roller Design: OEMs & end-users love our award-winning strength-testing & thermal-modeling services
  • Rubber Re-Cover Services: Menges will re-cover your roller with any rubber, silicone or elastomer on the market
  • Grooving & Serrating: Choose from diamond, chevron, herringbone, spiral serrations or a custom groove format
  • Crowning:  Rubber rollers can be crowned to enhance material-handling or compensate for deflection
  • Balancing:  Menges offers high-speed two-plane dynamic balancing as well as static balancing services
  • Repairs:  Unlike many roller companies, Menges offers complete repair services, including journal replacement
  • Chrome Plating:  Includes removal of old chrome, application of new chrome & polishing to desired finish
  • New Roller Fabrication:  We manufacture rollers for every converting process, including R&D applications
  • Delivery & Pickup Services: Menges offers in-house trucking services to expedite recovers & minimize downtime for your industrial rollers


Menges Roller makes precision chill rolls, sometimes known as chill rollers or heat transfer rollers. These two rollers are chrome plated and feature a double-shell spiral-baffle design.

Heat Transfer / Chill Roller Manufacturing

Menges Roller designs & manufactures high-performance double-shell spiral-baffle heat transfer rollers for critical converterting applications.

  • Double-Shell, Spiral-Baffle Designs
  • Mono-Flow and Duo-Flow Configurations
  • Designed using Award-Winning Thermal Modeling Technology
  • Capable of Temps from 20-600°F (10-315°C)
  • Exact & Even Temperatures: Variances to +/-1 degree
  • Chrome, Nickle and Specialty Finishes Available
  • Utilized by Leading OEMs, Film Producers and Converters
  • Custom-Fabricated to Meet Your Exact Process Requirements
  • Heat Transfer Rollers Page
Nip rollers for laminating process converting industry menges roller rubber roller urethane rollers silicone rolls

Nip Roller Manufacturing & Service

At Menges, we manufacture and service nip rollers to fit standard nipping systems as well as 'custom-engineered' laminating machines.

  • New Nip Roller Manufacturing
  • Rubber Re-Cover Services for Existing Nip Rollers
  • Many High-Heat & High-Release Silicones Available
  • Precision Crowning Available
  • During Design Phase, Stress Testing Using Computer Models
  • Nip Rollers Page
Crowning services provided by Menges Roller often involved nipping systems, and this illustration shows how to measure nip system pressure using Menges Roller’s Proof-Nip Impression Paper.

Nip Impression Paper

Merges Proof Nip Impression Paper measures nip system pressure.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Laminated Paper Product
  • Inserted Directly into Nip System
  • Visually Shows Areas of High & Low Pressure
  • Helps Engineers Design Proper Crown Dimensions
  • The First Step in Producing Even & Consistent Nip Pressure
  • Nip Impression Paper Page
Web spreader rollers wrinkle removing rollers converting industry menges roller company rubber rollers silicone urethane

Wrinkle Removing Rollers

Also called 'web spreaders,' these rolls help a web run smooth & flat.

  • Spiral Serration on Rubber Rollcovers
  • Crowned as Needed
  • Liveshaft & Deadshaft Configurations
  • May be Placed at Key Points along the Line
  • Perfect for Thin Substrates and Films
  • Wrinkle Removing Rollers Page
Adhesive layon rollers converting industry menges roller rubber rollers silicone roller

Adhesive Layon Rollers

Layon rollers for adhesive application are a Menges Roller specialty.

  • Low TIR (consistent diameter) for Uniform Application
  • High-Release Silicones & Synthetic Rubbers
  • Low-Ra / High-Polish Surface Finishes
  • High-Temp Compounds Available
  • Easy-Clean Rollcover Options
  • Rubber Rollers Page
Idler rollers converting industry menges roller company idlers

Idler Rollers

We are your source for all types of precision industrial rollers, including idler rollers and basic material handling rollers.

  • Live-Shaft & Dead-Shaft Designs
  • Steel, Aluminum or Rubber-Covered
  • Chrome and Specialty Hardshell Finishes Available
  • Precision Grinding Available for Exact OD Dimensions
  • Balanced for Smooth Operation at High Speeds
  • Custom Roller Cores Page


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application.

Call 847-487-8877 or click our Request A Quote button and get started on top of the line industrial rollers from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology. We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce a better product.


Engineering services design menges roller company industrial rollers


Menges offers award-winning design services - to guarantee chill roll temperatures and ensure sufficient strength in process rollers.

  • Thermal Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Modeling for Temperature Variances as Low as +/-1 degree
  • Strength Testing using Finite Element Analysis
  • Solid Stress Analysis & Modeling
  • Menges Won AIMCAL's "Technology of the Year" for using CFD Modeling to Design Heat Transfer Rollers
  • Design & Engineering Page
Recovering services for rubber rollers industrial rollers converting industry menges roller company


Dozens of rollcover compounds to fit any converting process.

  • Quick Turnarounds for Recovers
  • Silicone, Hypalon, Urethane and Special Synthetic Compounds
  • Custom-Blending Available
  • Any Durometer, from 30 to 90
  • Proprietary Seamless Rollcovering Process (no build lines)
  • Grooving, Crowning, Balancing and Finishing Services
  • Roller Re-Cover Services
Balancing services for industrial rollers menges roller company coil coating steel metal aluminum coils


Balancing eliminates vibration and reduces web wrinkling.

  • Balanced to Customer-Specified Linespeed / Rotation-Rate
  • Two-Plane Full Rotary Motion Dynamic Balancing
  • Reduces Vibration and Web Chatter
  • Prevents Premature Bearing Wear
  • Static Balancing Prevents Loping (heavy spots in rollers)
  • For All Types of Rollers (chill rolls, solid steel rolls, rubber covered)
  • Roller Balancing Page
Grooving services rubber rollers converting industry menges roller company urethane rollers silicone rollers


Menges Roller offers grooving services for all types of covered rollers.

  • Precision-Formed wit Computer-Controlled (CNC) Machines
  • Diamond Patterns
  • Chevron & Herringbone Formats
  • Spiral Serrations for Wrinkle Removers
  • Horizontal Grooves
  • Vertical Segments
  • Roller Grooving Page
Chrome finish plating services converting industry chill roll chrome roll menges roller company


We remove your worn chrome plate and apply a new chrome finish.

  • Perfect for Heat Transfer / Chill Rolls
  • Cylindrical Grinding to Remove Old / Worn Chrome
  • Preparation of Surface to Recieve New Chrome
  • Application of New Chrome
  • Polishing of Chrome to Any Ra Value (including mirror)
  • Also Available: Nickle, Tungsten Carbide (plasma), Matte Finishes, Acid Etched, Anodizing & More
  • Chrome & Finishes Page
Crowning services for rubber rollers converting industry menges roller company parabolic crown


Precision crowning to enhance a roll's material handling properties.

  • Parabolic Crowns to Slightly Stretch Webs
  • Parabolics also used in Nip Rollers and Long Rollers
  • Reverse-Parabolic Crowns Can Help Guide Errant Webs
  • Precision-Machined to Hundredths or Thousnads of Inch
  • Menges Engineers Help Determine Optimum Crown Profile
  • For Any Rubber or Elastomer-Covered Roller
  • Crowning Services Page
Industrial Roller repair services converting industry menges roller company chill rollers rubber rollers silicone rollers


The most comprehensive roller repair facility in the business.

  • Complete Repair Shop - For Every Possible Need
  • Precision CNC Fabrication of Replacement Journals
  • Installation of Replacement Journals
  • Shrink-Fit Techniques & Wire-Fed MIG Welding (solid construction)
  • Threading & Re-Threading of Fitments
  • Siphon Tube Replacement (heat transfer rollers)
  • Bearing Race Resurfacing
  • Core/Body Repairs & Cylindrical Grinding
  • Roller Repairs Page
New industrial rollers converting industry menges roller company chill rolls rubber rollers


Menges Roller Company designs and manufactures all types of new rollers for OEMs and end-users.

  • Heat Transfer Rollers / Chill Rolls
  • Nip Rollers
  • Adhesive Applicator & Layon Rollers
  • Wrinkle Removing Rollers
  • Grooved & Serrated Rollers of All Types
  • Custom-Fabricated Rollers for Proprietary Applications
  • Submit Your Design
Roller pickup and delivery services menges roller company


Menges offers in-house pickup & delivery, and truck/shipping services worldwide.

  • In-House Trucking Across Wide Delivery Zones
  • Company-Owned Trucks & Menges Employees (no contractors)
  • Shipping Services to Cover North America & Global Locations
  • Submit Your Project for A Quote


Menges Roller Company is a well-respected name in the plastic packaging & converting sectors. We are innovators in seamless rubber rollcover technology, and leaders in chill roller manufacturing and industrial rollers. Our rollers are in the industry's top OEM machines and production lines for the biggest names in converting.

We offer practical, cost-effective solutions to your web handling and process challenges.

Call 847-487-8877 or click today to contact one of our knowledgable, friendly engineers about your industrial rollers and other roller needs.

We'll help you run faster, reduce waste, and produce better products.

Menges Roller is a leader in the converting sector, a respected innovator in roller and engineering technology.

We supply industry-leading chill rollers and rubber rollers to converters and packaging companies worldwide.

Several OEMs rely on Menges Roller to produce their most critical industrial rollers: including low-temperature-variance chill rolls, high-release silicione-covered rolls, and web spreaders that optimize new machine performance.

Heavily involved in AIMCAL (Association of Metallizers Coaters & Laminators), Menges won the AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award for our use of CFD Thermal Modeling in Designing Heat Transfer Rollers. Also, members of the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), we are a trusted partner to many recognized brands.

At Menges Roller, we do more than just design, manufacture, and service industrial rollers - we are your partner.