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Menges Roller Company is an industrial roller manufacturer located in Wauconda, Illinois, 45 miles Northwest of Chicago, in a specially designed roller manufacturing facility. Since 1966, Menges Roller has been dedicated to the fabrication and covering of custom rollers supplied to the Printing, Converting, Metal Processing, Steel, Plastics, Paper & Textile industries. Menges makes new custom industrial rollers for OEM and aftermarket applications. Our flagship product line includes double-shelled spiral baffle chill rolls and heat transfer rolls. Our attention to detail and ability to engineer and manufacture the most difficult roller designs makes us not your ordinary roller manufacturer.

Products & Services Overview

We also offer extensive roller repair and maintenance services for both hardshell and covered rolls. Menges offers many rubber and urethane rollcover compounds, including Tiger Max, which has won several industry awards. The Menges Team can also help to problem-solve issues you may have with your application, ensuring you have the most productive roller design. We strive to deliver cost-effective, long-lasting roll products and services that will increase your efficiency and help you run faster & smoother.


Menges Roller has won the 2014 AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award !
Peers in the converting industry recognize Menges Roller for our CFD Thermal Modeling Technology, used in the design & engineering of our high-performance heat transfer rolls. Using advanced simulation applications, we can predict the performance and temperature profile of your heat transfer/chill roll before it’s made! This allows Menges Engineers to modify design components until your heat transfer rolls meets the exact needs of your processes. No more guesswork – performance and temperature profiles are guaranteed: That’s award-winning roller technology from Menges Roller Company!

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